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Writing is my profession. Many other complex things around that writing, but still, when you boil it down, I make a living with my words. Those words, however, are a product of a bizarre illness we all share. It’s time we took a look at its cause and cure. When I was growing up, my world was pictures. To say I was shy was an understatement, I was terrified of people. Instead of talking I...

my most destructive habit – and my plan to fix it


My destructive, terrible habit? … Not finishing important things. Lot’s of people don’t finish things, and in fact it’s not a bad thing to know when to quit (The Dip). It’s actually a great skill to know when to throw in the towel on a project and refocus on more important projects with a higher promise of return on investment. But the habit of giving up regularly...

The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard – from Facebook’s Head of Tech Communications


Sharing this again.. Read it twice today, I should share it twice. So many amazing golden nuggets in this post Read It Up: Click Here highlights The RIBS Test A message succeeds when people remember it — when it sticks. This is crucial not only to get press, but to raise funding from the best firms, hire the best people, and attract the best advisors. Getting strong press feeds all of these...

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