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The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard – from Facebook’s Head of Tech Communications


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The RIBS Test

A message succeeds when people remember it — when it sticks. This is crucial not only to get press, but to raise funding from the best firms, hire the best people, and attract the best advisors. Getting strong press feeds all of these needs, too.

To develop a compelling message, Marooney advises running it through the RIBS test (will your story “stick to your ribs”?). In short:


Brand Lens

The key to staying in the game after launch is having a strong, magnetic brand. Applying what Marooney calls a “brand lens” can be tremendously helpful in focusing your identity early on.

“The brand lens exercise is designed to determine your company’s personality,” she says. “It also really helps you figure out what to do and what not to do. You have such limited resources at the beginning and everyone is telling you that you have to do different things. What really belongs at the top of your list?”

I made a brand lens for my company…
mg brand lense

Be Proactive. “As a founder, you know more about your topic than anyone in the world. If you’re talking to a reporter and you just answer their questions without telling them what’s important about your company, shame on you. Brand image is your lump of clay and you have to go out there and make it into something beautiful. Respond to their questions, but then tell them what’s important in every answer, because they don’t know, or even how to ask.”

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