Can you become a copywriter for the gaming industry?

An interesting question posed “can you be a copywriter for the gaming industry”.

Short answer YES OF COURSE…

Long answer… The following video is an example of some next-level video game copywriting. 

It is NOT easy to do correctly, it sounds casual – it’s fun, but it is deliberate… it’s “tell the features, show the benefits” copy done in the best possible way.

  1. Selling a game is like selling anything else, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and talk in their voice, speak to their desires, and match their tone.
  2. Selling a game is like selling anything else, GOOD PRODUCTS HELP GOOD MARKETING. Selling a bad game with good copy is like selling a bad product with good copy, you can do it but it won’t last long. That’s probably why it’s even a question “do games need copy”, the nature of video games and how QUICKLY it is to know if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ lends itself to not being seen as “needing copy”. To me

I think it’s a really underserved niche that, if you understand it’s eccentricities, can become a very valuable area to work. But again, and this is more and more the case than ever before, good product > good copy… but they still need copy.

In fact, I would see it more of a “review/testimonial” type of copy service than traditional “sales page” copy…

But yea, lots of opportunities there if you keep in mind the eccentricities of the audience.

You’re selling fun and escape, two of the most valuable assets on the planet.

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fear is a compass

There’s nothing to fear but lack of fear itself…

People you perceive as successful don’t work to vanquish fear, they actively search for it. They have, however, successfully change fear in one important way…

The goal should not be to remove fear from your life, life without it is especially boring… The goal should be to gradually reroute your “reaction” to fear from anxiety to excitement.

If there is a secret to success, this is it.

How do you do that? Practice. There is no other way. You need to expose yourself to things that you normally would resist. You can start small, call a friend out of the blue instead of texting for example, but consistency is key.

LISTEN to your inner self, when you feel or hear the resistance that is your sign… you do not need “more motivation”, you need courage. Courage to trust the process. Courage to vanquish the voice that says to go the easier path. Over time you will revamp your reaction to fear, your brain’s neuropathways are reprogrammed in a very real way. Anxiety will transform into excitement.

Trust the process, not yourself.

Always remember, fear is a sign you’re heading in the right direction.

Fear is a compass.